WINERY BACKGROUND: The Reginato family has been growing grapes in the Uco Valley of Argentina for over 60 years. Since 2002, Luis Reginato has been making wines for some of the top wineries from Argen na. In 2013, a new brand was born - Chaman. A er seeing and tas ng from vineyards across Mendoza, Luis had a vision for a great wine. He saw the grapes in his family’s vineyard and saw lots of poten- al. La Consulta is a great place for these grape varie es because it is cool climate but s ll gets full ripening, so you get intense wines with structure and balanced acidity.

A Chaman, or “Shaman” in English, is a unique person who brings guidance to the present by accessing knowledge of the past - mysteri- ous, magical, and inspiring. Luis and his brother Pepe invite you to experience the enchantment handed down by their mentor, father, and vineyard chaman, José Reginato.

WINEMAKING DETAILS: The grapes are from La Consulta (San Carlos), a high eleva on vineyard with alluvial shallow silt loam soil and subsoil formed by limestone. The Malbec is hand-harvested and aged for 12 months in 20% new and 80% used French oak barrels.

Tikal wines reflect the spirit of Mendoza: the sense of pride, love, celebra on, and a bit of craziness. Ernesto Catena spent his childhood in the vineyards of Mendoza among wine-growers and local characters.

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