WINERY BACKGROUND: Colchagua is the southernmost point on of the Rapel Valley. Historically, it is the region that has garnered the top scores and press for its powerful yet balanced red wines. The majority of wineries are concen- trated in the center of the valley (Entre Cordillera), although the pioneers are looking towards the Andes (e.g. Los Lingues) and the coastal areas (e.g. Paredones) to find new cool-climate terroirs.

WINERY BACKGROUND: The Silva family pioneered grapegrowing in the Colchagua Valley with the first vineyards back in 1892. Their cellar is the oldest in the valley. They strive to innovate in their vineyards and to pioneer new terroirs in the Colchagua Valley. They are paving the way for Carmenere by inves ng in research studies in their vineyards to study clones and microter- roirs.

WINEMAKING DETAILS: Cool Coast Sauvignon Blanc is sourced en rely from the Paredones vineyard, which lies less than seven miles from the Pacific Ocean. Harvest is complete by March 28th. The wine is fermented and aged in stainless steel to preserve the natural acidity and concentra on.