biokult unites a group of organic Austrian vintners with the shared goal of producing organic wines of the highest quality wines that embody regional identity and bring pure, natural enjoyment in the glass. All biokult vintners are obliged to certified organic production, environmental protection, biodiversity, and the promotion of healthy soils in their vineyards. Abstinence from artificial fertilizers and stabilizers guarantee unadulterated enjoyment.

Grüner Veltliner is the “queen” of the white varieties in Austria. Its main characteristics are the fruity-spicy nose, also called “Pfefferl” referring to pepper, a subtle note that reminds of ground pepper. Made in the clear style, this wine is a pale silvery straw color with a hint of green. Citrus, mineral, herbal, and spice notes dance on the palate—perhaps the most versatile food wine in the world!

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/ 750 ml