Can I get only red wine, or white wine?

In our extensive research and our private tasting panels we have found more red wines that meet our criteria than white. A majority of the best organically grown wine available today are red wines. Occasionally we are able to include white wine, and with time, more varieties of white wine will be offered, but as for now we will be featuring the best, which at this time seems to be predominately red wine!

Can I reorder wine from a past selection?

YES, upon availability! We offer member discounts on re-orders. Our goal is for each of our members to enjoy Ecovine wine with every meal. Remember some of the wines have as little as 200 case production. It’s best to re-order quickly.

How does your gift program work?

Members enjoy continuous monthly, bimonthly, or seasonal deliveries. In our gift memberships we offer one-, two- and three-month memberships with prepaid discounted pricing. In the first shipment of the wine, we include an EcoVine gift card with the gift-givers name.  Gift memberships include all club benefits and reorder discounts.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

There is no cancellation fee. You can easily cancel your membership at anytime. To guarantee immediate cancellation please provide us with a seven day notice by email or phone.

What makes you different from the others?

This is an easy answer. 

  • NO herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers will be found in any of our wines.
  • You will get award-winning wines from small boutique and family-owned wineries, personally selected for our members.
  • You can download past newsletters and wine pairing recipes.
  • Our monthly newsletters offer fascinating histories about the winemakers and wineries, interesting tips on selecting, storing, serving wine, and much more. Food and wine pairing tips are also included.
  • We are dedicated to spreading the most information on natural and harmonious living as possible.

What makes these organic wineries so special?

The organic grapes and the winemakers dedication and knowledge. Some of the wineries have less than 10 acres dedicated to organic growing requiring much time intensive, hands-on and careful tending of the grapes. In 1998, in Napa only 600 acres plus were organically certified. Organically grown wine is a new classification given by the premium winemakers as a distinctive title for the wines they are producing.

What if I don't like the wine?

Occasionally a bottle of wine is over the edge, corked, and past the point of no return.  We guarantee the wines we ship. If you get a bad bottle, we will immediately ship a replacement bottle to you or apply an immediate refund to your credit card account.

What if I prefer "Estate" wines or want extra quality wine for special occasions?

The EcoEstate Wine club is available with a maximum membership of 240 customers. Put your name on the waiting list. It is worth it. These are premium wines from estate vineyards with extremely small case productions made by master vintners. The best of the best.

What if I just want to see if I like your organically grown wines?

Give us a chance to win over your taste buds. The EcoVine Two-Month Trial Membership is the way for you to be the judge. You will receive 2 bottles of wine per month from our EcoVine Wine cellar and all of our club benefits for just $39 per month plus shipping and handling. You have absolutely no obligation to continue your membership that is unless you become hooked on our eco vine wine.

Why did you start EcoVine Wine Club?

Since 1998, we have been steadily increasing our knowledge and contacts in the organic growing and wine production arena. The quest to find good organic wine for personal enjoyment in 1998 turned into a passion. In the early days the selection was minimal (we found three wineries in California). However, the initial organic wines that we found were lacking other essential characteristics of fine wine. Finding a slow but steadily increasing number of organically grown wines along the way was encouraging. Master winemakers were beginning to take the steps to produce quality wines with "organically grown grapes". Our determined research to find better and better organic wine is what continues to make us so successful.

For years Vicky Lorelli has been dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. Vicky is one of many who want to do their share in helping to make a difference for others. She has been committed to finding truly great wines made from organic grapes that would complement the organic meals she prepares. A conventional bottle of has more chemicals in the glass than one would guess. So Vicky asked herself, “If I am dedicated to preparing and serving organic meals, why would I negate my beliefs by serving wine that isn’t the same?” Organically grown, of course. The club was her way to help others take steps in reversing the current commercial trend and promoting those who have dedicated their lives to providing healthy, organic alternatives.

Now, EcoVine Wine Club customers are able experience award winning organically grown wine that they cannot find in their local area. Our selected organic wineries (totaling approximately 50 at this time) appreciate our customers since we are all sharing similar values and health concerns. The wine club's exposure and our valued customers encourage the wineries to continue their path. We thank each and everyone for your commitment to the earth, the future, and your health.

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